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Welcome to Oh My User, a community dedicated to the pairing of Kevin Flynn and the program RAM from the 1982 movie TRON.


→ Fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, icons... All fanmade material is welcome here!

→ Every post made to this community must relate to Flynn, Ram, or Roy in some way.

→ Flynn/Roy is also allowed, as is any other previous interpretation of Ram's user/popcorn coworker.

→ Clu/Ram and Clu/Roy are allowed for now as well.

→ Gen works and works of these characters solo are allowed, though please try to keep the Flynn- and Clu-centric ones limited unless they specifically mention Ram or Roy.

→ Discussions are allowed as long as they pertain to Flynn, Ram, or Roy.

→ When posting images or fanart, a preview image of no more than 300px in width and 400px in height may be posted outside of a cut.

→ When posting icons, no more than three preview icons may be posted outside of a cut.

→ When posting fic or art, you must use this form. If you don't, your post will be rejected. The warning line is necessary. Absolutely do not remove it. If there are no warnings then just say none, and if you feel that warnings will spoil your fic, black them out so they must be highlighted to be read.

Please tag your posts and do it properly! Your post will not be rejected if you forget, but it's nice if you'd do it yourself. If you'd like a tag made, please contact me (robotlizards).

→ Have fun!



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